Plugin type: 2dimage/cost

2D image similarity kernels evaluate the according similarity measure between two images. These kernels may be used standalone, like e.g. in linear registration, or will be called from generalized image similarity cost plug-ins that also take care of transforming and scaling the images during the image registration process.


lncc lsd mi ncc ngf ssd ssd-automask


local normalized cross correlation with masking support.. Supported parameters are:

wuint in [1, 256]5half width of the window used for evaluating the localized cross correlation


Least-Squares Distance measure. (This plug-in doesn't take parameters)


Spline parzen based mutual information.. Supported parameters are:

cutfloat in [0, 40]0Percentage of pixels to cut at high and low intensities to remove outliers
mbinsuint in [1, 256]64Number of histogram bins used for the moving image
mkernelfactory[bspline:d=3]Spline kernel for moving image parzen hinstogram. For supported plug-ins see Plugin type: 1d/splinekernel
rbinsuint in [1, 256]64Number of histogram bins used for the reference image
rkernelfactory[bspline:d=0]Spline kernel for reference image parzen hinstogram. For supported plug-ins see Plugin type: 1d/splinekernel


normalized cross correlation.. (This plug-in doesn't take parameters)


This function evaluates the image similarity based on normalized gradient fields. Various evaluation kernels are available.. Supported parameters are:

plugin subtype
dot:scalar product kernel
sq:square of difference
cross:cross product kernel
ds:square of scaled difference


2D imaga cost: sum of squared differences. Supported parameters are:

autothreshfloat in [0, 1000]0Use automatic masking of the moving image by only takeing intensity values into accound that are larger than the given threshold
normbool0Set whether the metric should be normalized by the number of image pixels


2D image cost: sum of squared differences, with automasking based on given thresholds. Supported parameters are:

rthreshdouble0Threshold intensity value for reference image
sthreshdouble0Threshold intensity value for source image

Plugin consumers:

mia-2dcost mia-2dfluid-syn-registration mia-2dimageregistration mia-2dmany2one-nonrigid mia-2dmulti-force mia-2dmultiimageregistration mia-2dmyoica-full mia-2dmyoica-nonrigid mia-2dmyoica-nonrigid-parallel mia-2dmyoicapgt mia-2dmyoperiodic-nonrigid mia-2dmyoserial-nonrigid mia-2dmyoset-all2one-nonrigid image:2dimage/fullcost