Plugin type: 2dtransform/splinepenalty

This class provides the penalty put on spline based transformations when considering image registration. This penalty term ensures the smoothness of a transformation or the evaluation of a similarity measure between a transformed study data set and a reference data set.




divcurl penalty on the transformation. Supported parameters are:

curlfloat in [0, inf)1penalty weight on curl
divfloat in [0, inf)1penalty weight on divergence
normbool0Set to 1 if the penalty should be normalized with respect to the image size
weightfloat in (0, inf)1weight of penalty energy

Plugin consumers:

mia-2dimageregistration mia-2dmany2one-nonrigid mia-2dmultiimageregistration mia-2dmyoica-full mia-2dmyoicapgt mia-2dmyomilles mia-2dmyoperiodic-nonrigid mia-2dmyoserial-nonrigid mia-2dmyoset-all2one-nonrigid spline:2dimage/transform