mia-2dsegseriesstats {-o string} {-g string} [ options ...]


This program is used evaluate various time-intensity curves over a series of images given by a segmentation set. Specifically, the program is taylored to evaluate average intensities and variations of sections the left ventricle myocardium. The segmentation set must contain the segmentations for all slices that will be accessed during evaluation.


-o, --original=(input, required); string

original segmentation set

-g, --registered=(input, required); string

registered segmentation set

-k, --skip=2; int

images to skip at the begin of the series, if (k < 0) use RV peak of the registered set if set

-r, --reference=-1; int

reference frame for automatic curve extraction. Negative values can be used to indicate specific values (if given in the segmentation set): -3: Middle of the series -2: prefererred reference -1: LV peak if any of the above is not available or the value is < -3, use the last frame of the series.

-c, --curves=(output); string

region average value curves, The output files each comprises a table in plain-text format that contains three columns for each section of the LV myocardium: The first column contains the values obtained by using the original segmentation of the reference on all images of the original series, the second column contains the values obtained by the registered segmentation of the reference on all images of the registered series, and the third column contains the values obtained by using the segmentations of each slice on the original images.

-v, --varcurves=(output); string

region variation values, same formt as described above.

-n, --nsections=0; ulong

number of sections to use, 0=use as segmented, otherwise Otherwise, the LV myocardium is divided into n sections that enclose equal angles starting at the right ventricle insertion point moving clock-wise using the LV center as angular point.

Help & Info

-V, --verbose=warning; dict

verbosity of output, print messages of given level and higher priorities. Supported priorities starting at lowest level are:

info:Low level messages
trace:Function call trace
fail:Report test failures
error:Report errors
debug:Debug output
message:Normal messages
fatal:Report only fatal errors
--copyright=(); bool

print copyright information

-h, --help=(); bool

print this help

-?, --usage=(); bool

print a short help

--version=(); bool

print the version number and exit


--threads=-1; int

Maxiumum number of threads to use for processing,This number should be lower or equal to the number of logical processor cores in the machine. (-1: automatic estimation).


Evaluate the two curve typed for 12 sections from segemntation sets orig.set and reg.set skipping the first 2 frames. The output will be written to curves.txt and varcurves.txt respectively.

mia-2dsegseriesstats -i org.set -g reg.set -c curves.txt -v varcurves.txt -n 12 -k 2


Gert Wollny