Registration of series of 3D images

Thr programs in this section target the registration of series of images to a common reference, like it is the case with motion compensation.


This program runs the non-rigid registration of an image series by registereing all images to a user-selected reference.


This program implements a 3D version of the motion compensation algorithm described in Wollny G, Kellman P, Santos A, Ledesma-Carbayo M-J, "Automatic Motion Compensation of Free Breathing acquired Myocardial Perfusion Data by using Independent Component Analysis" Medical Image Analysis, 2012.


This program runs the non-rigid registration of an image series by first registering an already aligned subset of the images to one reference, and then by registering the remaining images by using synthetic references. This is a 3D version of G. Wollny, M-J Ledesma-Cabryo, P.Kellman, and A.Santos, "Exploiting Quasiperiodicity in Motion Correction of Free-Breathing," IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 29(8), 2010.


This program runs the image registration of a consecutively numbered image series. The registration is run in a serial manner, this is, only images in temporal succession (i.e. consecutive numbers) are registered, and the obtained transformations are applied accumulated to reach full registration.