Processing of series of 2D images in a 3D fashion (out-of-core)

The programs in this section are dedicated to processing series of 2D images in a 3D fashion out-of-core. This is intended for large images that would not fit into the main memory if processing was to be done as a true 3D images. As a result, only spacial, non-iterative operators are supported.


This program is used to filter and convert a series of 2D gray scale images in a 3D fashion by running filters (filter/2dimage) as given on the command line.


This program takes two binary masks as input and evaluates the distance of one mask with respect to the other in voxel space. The output is given as text file with the coordinates of the source voxels and their distance to the reference mask. Correction for voxel size must be done after processing.


This program evaluates the histogram over a series of 2D images