Some notes on the vista package

The vista libray was originally created by Art Pope and David Lowe of the University of British Columbia (Vancover, Canada). The location of the original software is here.

To download the latest version of the software, please go here.

My contribution to this work is the move from an imake based configuration to the GNU style configure.  Also I did change the directory three and changed the libraries.

What you need to install this distribution of vista

The installation itself should go smooth, since it is not more then:
tar -zxvf vista-2.1.5.tar.gz
cd vista-2.1.5
make install
Known problems:
Configure has currently no option to set an alternate location of motif.
There may be licensing problems, since Motif has no free or open source license.

Even though I do not actively maintain vista you might contact me, if you have questions.

latest changes 20.02.2002 Gert Wollny