Registration, Comparison, and Transformation of 2D images

The programs in this section relate to the alignment, transformation and comparison of pairs of 2D images.


This program is used to evaluate the cost between two images by using a given cost function.


This program is used to deform a 2D image using a deformation vector field. Input image and deformation field must be of the same size. The transformation formula is 'x -> x - v(x)'


This program is used for non-rigid registration based on fluid dynamics. It uses SSD as the sole registration criterion.


This image evaluate the force field between two images based on a given cost function.


This program runs registration of two images optimizing a transformation of the given transformation model by optimizing certain cost measures that are given as free parameters.


This program evaluates the 2D image cost force norm image of a given cost function set. The input images must be of the same dimensions and gray scale (whatever bit-depth).


This program runs a non-rigid registration based on the given cost criteria and a given transformation model. Other than mia-2dnonrigidreg it doesn't support specific command line parameters to provide the images. Instead the images are specified dirctly when defining the cost function. Hence, image registrations can be executed that optimize the aligmnet of more than one image pair at the same time. Note, however, that all input images must be of the same dimension (in pixels)


This program is used to deform a 2D image using a given transformation.


Evaluate the Green strain tensor corresponding to a given 2D transformation for each grid point.