Miscellaneous programs

Thr Programs in this section do not fit in any of the other categories.


This program converts a 3d vector field to an image of its voxel-wise norm.


This program appends all the meta-data attributes found in a 2D input image to a 3D image (if the output format supports such attributes). Attributes that are already present in the 3D image are not overwritten.


This program is used to create a file containing a 3D vector field.


This Program reads a histogram from stdin and evaluates a cmeans classification of the intensity values into the given number of classes.


This program is used to extract a extract the number pattern for file012312.ext type file names.


This program is used create a mapping based on a histogram that puts the intensities with high values at the beginning of the histogram. The main use case will be to sort labels of connected components in out-of-core image processing.


This program runs the wavelet based slope-statistics on the mixing matrix of a ICA perfusion series.


This program runs the a column-wise discret wavelet forward transform on the data given by an input text file.