Creation, analysis, and filtering of triangular 3D meshes


This program is used to extract an iso-surface from the input gray scale image by using marching thetrahedra.


This program runs a deformable model to adapt a mesh to an iso-value within a given image. <FIXME: Reference>


This program converts a 3D mesh into a binary mask comprising the mesh surface. The output image size is either given on the command line or deducted from the mesh dimensions.


This program takes a binary masks and a triangular mesh as input and evaluates the distance of the mesh vertices to the binary maskand stores the result in a new mesh.


This program runs a series filters on a given input mesh. The filters are given as extra parameters on the command line and are run in the order in which they are given. To obtain a list of available filters you may run 'mia-plugin-help mesh/filter' from the command line