MIA - plug-in based framework for gray-scale and medical image processing


The MIA provides a framwork for common tasks in gray scale images processing including image filtering and image registration for 2D and 3D images. This is the documentation of the public interface of the according libraries.

In addition to this library interface there exist a number of plug-ins and programs make use if the interface and can be run to execute certain image processing tasks. For information about these programs and plug-ins please see the user guide at https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/mia/index.php?title=Mia_-_A_tool_chain_for_Medical_Image_Analysis

Gert Wollny gw.fo.nosp@m.ssde.nosp@m.v@gma.nosp@m.il.c.nosp@m.om

If you use this software to prepare a scientific publication, please reference it as

Gert Wollny, "MIA - A plugin-based Framework for Medical Image Processing", http://mia.sf.net

About naming schemes

The following naming scheme is employed for most of the classes and data structurs:

Names for template classes that provide interfaces start with a capital "T" e.g. TShape, or TFactory. Names of classes start with a capital "C" like CSegSet, or CSplineKernel. Classes and structures that work as functors are named starting with a capital "F", e.g. FMeanValue. Names of PODs (plain old data structures) begin with a "S". Exceptions to this rule will be renamed in time.

Classes and structures that start with two underscores, like __type_descr are traits, or other classes that are used for template meta programming, i.e. the type based dispaching of function class.

File names

C++ Header files use the suffix ".hh", C++ implementation files use ".cc". For specific template implementations are only included for explicit template instanciations, the files use the suffic ".cxx".

File names do not necessarily correspond directly to classes defined and implemented in these files, but usually hint at the funcionallity provided.

A file may contain more then one class and additional functions that are closely linked.