Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 C__dispatch_translate< std::string >
 Cattribute_type< C3DOrientationAndPosition >
 Cattribute_type< C3DRotation >
 Cattribute_type< CAttributeMap >
 Cattribute_type< E3DImageOrientation >
 Cattribute_type< E3DPatientPositioning >
 Cattribute_type< std::vector< T > >
 Cattribute_type< T2DVector< T > >
 Cattribute_type< T3DVector< T > >
 CC1DFilterKernelBase class for 1D filter kernels
 CC1DFoldingKernelBase class for folding kernal types
 CC1DInterpolatorBasic Interpolator type for 1D Data
 CC1DInterpolatorFactoryFactory class for 1D interpolators
 CC1DScalarA class for general scaling of one-dimensional arrays
 CC2DBoundingBox2D axis orthothogonal bounding box
 CC2DFifoFilterPluginThe plug-in base class for the FIFO filters
 CC2DFuzzyClusterSolverA solver for the fuzzy segmentation smoothness constraint
 CC2DGroundTruthEvaluatorMain class for peudo ground truth estimation for perfusion series
 CC2DImageThis is the base class for 2D images that can hold generic pixel data
 CC2DImageFifoFilterThe class to provide filtering of series of 2D images as if they where 3D images
 CC2DImageVectorVector of 2D images to load and store series of images to one file
 CC2DInterpolatorFactoryThe factory to create an interpolator from some input data
 CC2DIOVectorfieldClass for the IO of 2D vector fields
 CC2DMorphShapeClass for advanced morphological filter masks
 CC2DMultiImageNonrigidRegisterA 2D non-rigid registration class for time-marching PDE based registration
 CC2DPerfusionAnalysisA class to run an ICA on a heart perfusion series
 CC2DPolygonA simple 2D polygon class
 CC2DPPDivcurlMatrixPrecomputed matrix for the DivCurl regularization
 CC2DRegTimeStepThe time step class for time-marching registration algorithms
 CC2DRegTimeStepPluginPlug-in to create the time step evaluation
 CC2DRigidRegisterLinear Registration of 2D images
 CC2DSolveCGSolve_sCG – a class providing a CG solver
 CC2DSplineTransformPenaltyBase class for transformation penalties in spline based deformations
 CC2DStackDistanceTransformA distance transform that stores distances to a 3D binary mask given as slices
 CC2DTransformationThis is the generic base class for 2D transformations
 CC2DTransformIOPluginHandlerImplThe non-singleton plug-in handler for 3D transformations
 CC2DTransformMockThis class mocks a transformation by implementing all the pure virtual methods of the C2DTransformation interface
 CC3DCameraThis class defines the view point for 3D visualization
 CC3DCriticalPointA class to hold a critical point. This class holds a critical point in a 3D vector field It consists of a localtion \( x_0 \in \mathbb{R}^3 \), Matrix \( A \in \mathbb{R}^{3 \times 3} \), and a magnitude \( \gamma \in \mathbb{R} \). It is used only as an intermidiate storage
 CC3DCriticalPointEigenA class to hold a criticalpoint with eigenvalues and eigenvectors
 CC3DDistance3D distance transform for high resolution data
 CC3DDrawBoxBase class for a 3D volume raster graphics draw target
 CC3DFVectorfield3D field of floating point single accuracy 3D vectors
 CC3DImageThe generic base type of a 3D image
 CC3DImageVectorA class to interface images with image IO plugins
 CC3DInterpolatorFactoryA factory to create interpolators of a given type by providing input data
 CC3DIOVectorfieldAn interface class to wrap a vector field into something, IO plugins can understand
 CC3DLandmarkNamed 3D landmark
 CC3DLandmarklistA list of named landmarks
 CC3DMultiImageRegisterA 3D non-rigid image registration class
 CC3DOrientationAndPositionThis class represents the oriantation and position of a 3D data set
 CC3DPPDivcurlMatrixPrecomputed Matrix for the DivCurl regularization
 CC3DRegTimeStepThe time-step part of time-marching registration algorithms
 CC3DRegTimeStepPluginThe plug-in class for the time-step class of time-marching registration algorithms
 CC3DRigidRegister3D linear registration class
 CC3DSplineTransformPenaltyBase class for transformation penalties in spline based deformations
 CC3DTransformationThis is the generic base class for 3D transformations
 CC3DTransformIOPluginHandlerImplThe non-singleton plug-in handler for 3D transformations
 CC3DTransformMockA test class to enable running code that needs a transformation
 CC3DValueAttribute3D vector value used in attributes
 CC3DValueAttributeTranslatorTranslater for 3D vectors to and from a std::string
 CCAttributeThe class of all attributes of data that is considered to ve meta-data
 CCAttributedDataA collection of attributes
 CCAttrTranslatorA class to translate an attribute from a string
 CCCircularIndexA class to adress a circulat bufer of a fixed size
 CCCmdBoolOptionThe command line option that sets a flag to true when given
 CCCmdFlagOptionCommand line option that translates a string to a set of flags
 CCCmdOptionThe base class for all command line options
 CCCmdOptionListThe class to hold the list of options
 CCCmdStringOptionThe command line option that expects a string
 CCComplexOptionParserParser for complex command line options
 CCCorrelationEvaluatorEvaluate the correlation between neighboring pixels in an image series
 CCCWDSaverA Scope based helper class to save and restore the current working directory
 CCDatapoolTemporary data storage to avoid storing on disk
 CCDictParameterDictionary parameter
 CCDLLoaderPortabe Dynamic Link Library Loader
 CCFFT1D_R2CClass to real-to-complex 1D FFTs
 CCFFTSlopeClassifierCurve classifier for heart perfusion data
 CCFileA wrapper for the cstdio file type that closes the file automatically when the scope is left
 CCFixedWidthOutputThis class provides formatted writing to a text console
 CCFullStatsThis class is used to evaluate the statistics of a series of input data
 CCHistoryThis class holds the complete history list of a data set
 CCICAAnalysisITPPClass for ICA analysis and use of such data. This class implements basic operations for of ICA. It makes use of the ITPP implementation of FastICA
 CCImageComparePrinterClass to print out the intensity values of two images to compare them
 CCInputFileA stdio FILE for opening a file for reading
 CCIODataHelper class to derive from for data that can be loaded and stored to a disk
 CCLabelMapA simple class to add loadind and storeing to a map of labels
 CCMinimizerA class for generalized minimization problems
 CCMsgStreamPrintCallbackClass to provide a feedback mechanism to show progress based on textual output
 CCNoiseGeneratorBase class for the noise generators
 CCopyC2DImageToP2DImageFunctor to copy an image into paointer representation
 Ccost_typePlugin helper type
 CCOutputFileA stdio FILE for opening a file for writing
 CCParameterThe base class for parameters used in complex options
 CCParamListA class to hold a list of named parameters
 CCParamOptionCommand line option that handles a parameter
 CCPluginBaseThe base class for all plug-ins
 CCPluginHandlerBaseThe base class for all plugin handlers
 CCPluginModuleThe plugin module loading class
 CCProbabilityVectorA vector of probablility values
 CCProductBaseThe base class for all plug-in created object
 CCProductCacheBase class for the product cache
 CCProductCacheHandlerThe singleton that handles all product caches
 CCProgressCallbackClass to provide a feedback mechanism to show progress
 CCPropertyFlagHolderThis class holds a set of properties
 Ccreate_plugin< Handler, ProductChained, true >
 CCSegFrameA class to represent one segmented frame in a heart perfusion series
 CCSegPoint2DPoint in a 2D segmentation shape
 CCSegSectionSegmentation class to represent a section of the LV myocardium
 CCSegSetA set of segmentation of a 2D series of perfusion images
 CCSegSetWithImagesA set of images and its segmentations, related to heart perfusion analysis
 CCSegStarHelper class for the segmentation of the left heart ventricle myocardium
 CCSetParameterA parameter that can only assume values out of a limited set
 CCSlopeClassifierCurve classifier for heart perfusion data
 CCSlopeStatisticsRuns some statistics over a one-dimensional curve
 CCSplineBoundaryConditionAbstract base class for B-spline interpolation boundary conditions
 CCSplineBoundaryConditionPluginBase plugin for spline boundary conditions
 CCSplineKernelBase class for all spline based interpolation kernels
 CCSplineParzenMIImplementation of mutual information based on B-splines
 Ccst2d_kernelPlugin-helper structure
 CCStringAttrTranslatorMapA singelton class to translate strings to attributes based on keys
 CCStringParameterString parameter
 CCTestPluginClass to test plugin handling
 CCTestPluginHandlerImplClass to test plugin handling
 CCThreadMsgStreamThis class is used to handle syncronizized output of logging output in a multi-threaded environment
 CCTParameterGeneric type of a complex paramter
 CCTriangleMeshA class to deine a triangle mesh with some attributes
 CCWatchA class for measuring time
 CCWaveletSlopeClassifierCurve classifier for heart perfusion data
 CCXMLDocumentFacate for an XML document
 CCXMLElementThis class implements a facade for the xml Element
 Cdim_traitsA trait to obtaine information about of dimensions of a class
 Cdispatch_attr_string< C3DRotation >
 CFactoryTraitType trait to enable the use of a factory product as command line option
 CFactoryTrait< std::shared_ptr< T > >Type trait to enable the use of a factory product as command line option
 CFConvert2DImageToPixeltypeOFunctor to convert an image with an abitrary pixel type to single floating point pixels
 CFConvert3DImageToPixeltypeOFunctor to convert an image with an abitrary pixel type to single floating point pixels
 CFDeformer3DA filter to transform an image
 Cfifof_FixtureFixture to test FIFO filtering
 CFIntensityStatsAccumulatorFunctor to accumulate statistics of data
 CFMeanVarianceFunctor to be called by mia::filter to evaluate mean and variance of a series of data
 CFMedianMADFunctor to be called by mia::filter to evaluate median and median average distance (MAD) of a series of data
 CFWrapStaticDataInSharedPointerFunctor to wrap statically allocated data a shared pointer representation
 CGroundTruthProblemClass for the evaluation of a pseudo ground truth of a perfusion series
 CIOHandler_of< C2DImage >
 CIOHandler_of< C3DImage >
 CIOHandler_of< CSegSetWithImages >
 Cless_then< T2DVector< T > >
 Cless_then< T3DVector< T > >
 Cmasked_cost_typePlugin helper type
 CmultiplyClass template to implement a matrix - field multiplication
 Cmultiply< T2DImage< T > >
 CNDVectorIOcvdStructure to read and write ND vectors to and from cvd files
 Cplugin_can_chain< TDataFilterPlugin< D > >
 CQuaternionClass to implement a quaternion
 Crange2d_iterator_with_boundary_flag2D iterator that knows its position in the 2D grid ans supports iterating over sub-ranges
 Crange3d_iterator3D iterator that knows its position in the 3D grid ans supports iterating over sub-ranges
 Crange3d_iterator_with_boundary_flag3D iterator that knows its position in the 3D grid, has a flag indicating whether it is on a boundary, and supports iterating over sub-ranges
 CSIntensityStatsData structure to store te results of a statistical analyis of images
 Csolve_sCGClass providing a CG solver
 CstreamredirBase class to redirect output streams
 CT1DConvoluteInterpolatorInterpolator that uses some kind of spaciel kernel
 CT1DInterpolatorInterpolator base class providing the full interface
 CT2DConvoluteInterpolatorThe base class for 2D interpolators that use some kind of spacial convolution
 CT2DDatafieldA class to hold data on a regular 2D grid
 CT2DImageThis is the template version of a 2D image that is used for holding real data
 CT2DInterpolatorThe base class template for all kinds of interpolators
 CT2DMatrixA simple 2x2 matrix
 CT2DVector2D vector
 CT2DVectorfield2D Vector field
 CT3DConvoluteInterpolatorInterpolator that is based on convolution,like b-splines an o-moms
 CT3DDatafieldA templated class of a 3D data field
 CT3DImageSpecific type of the 3D images that hold real pixel data
 CT3DImageDrawTargetImplements T3DImage as a target for drawing operations
 CT3DInterpolatorBasic Interpolator type for 3D Data
 CT3DMatrixSimple 3x3 matrix
 CT3DVectorA simple 3D vector type
 CT3DVectorfield3D vector field
 CTAttributeClass of an attribute that holds data of type T
 CTCArrayWrapperA wrapper around the c-array to provide an STL like interface for iterators
 CTCmdOptionTemplated version based on CCmdOptionValue for values that can be converted to and from strings by stream operators
 CTCostThe generic cost function interface
 CTCST2DKernelBase class for cos/sin transformation filters
 CTDataFilterGeneric interface class to data filters
 CTDataFilterPluginGeneric image filter plugin base
 CTDataSeriesICATemplated representation of a ICA series analyis
 CTDelayedParameterA parameter proxy object with a key to identify it
 CTDictMapA mapper from emums to string values. - usefull for names flags
 CTFactoryThis is tha base of all plugins that create "things", like filters, cost functions time step operatores and the like
 CTFactoryParameterA parameter that get's initialized by a factory to a shared or unique pointer
 CTFactoryPluginHandlerBase class for all plugn handlers that deal with factory plugins
 CTFifoFilterGeneric base class for out-of-core FIFO filters
 CTFifoFilterSinkHelper class for testing FIFO filter chains
 CTFilterBase class for all filer type functors
 CTFilterChainCreate and use a chain of filters
 CTFiltertestFixtureFixture to do general testing
 CTFullCostBase class for a general cost function
 CTFullCostListA accumulation of cost functions that are weigted against each other
 CTFullCostPluginBase class for the TFullCost cost function plug-ins
 CTHandlerSingletonSingleton that a plug-in handler really is
 CTHistogramSimple histogram that uses an instance of THistogramFeeder as input converter
 CTHistogramFeederA class to normalize and quantizize input data to a given histogram range with its given number of bins
 CTHistogramFeeder< unsigned char >Specialization of the THistogramFeeder for unsigned byte input data
 CTImageCreatorThe base class for generic image creation
 CTIOPluginThe templatex basis class of all IO plug-ins
 CTIOPluginHandlerTemplate for all plug-in handlers that are responsible for data IO
 CTMaskedCostThe generic cost function interface
 CTNonrigidRegisterClass for image registration
 CTParameterA parameter that can assume any value of the given value type
 CTPluginThe generic base for all plug-ins
 CTPluginHandlerThe basic template of all plugin handlers
 CTPolyTriangulatorClass to make a triangle mesh from a closed polygon
 CTProductCacheThe type specific product cache
 CTransformationGeneric base class for transformations
 CTRefHolderA class to make a const reference not so const
 CTRegModelBase class for PDE model based registrations
 CTShapeGeneric class for morphological shapes
 CTSimilarityProfileA class to evaluate image similarity profiles of image series
 CTSingleReferencedObjectSingulater reference counted object that gets destroyed when the refount goes to zero
 CTSparseSolverSolver for sparse systems of equations
 CTTrackPointClass to track pixel movement based on a transformation
 CTTransformCreatorPluginFactory class that is used to create the transformation creator
 CTTranslatorGeneric string vs. attribute translator singleton
 CTWatershedTemplated version of the standard watershed algorithm
 CTWatershedFilterPluginPlugin for the templated version of the standard watershed algorithm
 Cvector_dimsizeStructure to enable the use of the dim_traits class for std::vector
 Cvoid_destructorA helper class to make it possible to store a non-pointer object or a pointer that must not be freed in a shared pointer
 CvstreamA output stream to enable certain levels of verbosity